Welcome To DadShop 2.0

As you might have noticed, we’ve just launched version 2 of DadShop. We drank lots of coffee, neglected sleep and lost a few kilos (from the extra stress) just to bring you version 2! And we are proud to say its awesome, works on mobiles and tablets and we chose a simple design. We’ve tried our best to add new features that will help you find the perfect gift much quicker than before.

Quick Search


We have implemented a really fast way to find gift ideas quickly, simply search for something in the search box at the top of the screen and we’ll automatically present you with our top 8 most relevant gift ideas in a sec! You can also hit ENTER or click to view all results.

Gifts For Women?

Some of you might know our other site HerShop which is now officially closed as we have combined the 2 websites together. I’ts now quicker and easier to shop for men’s and women’s gift from one website rather than two. As a result of this you can now take advantage of our flat delivery fee.

Shop By Themes

We’ve implemented themes on DadShop which make it easier to shop for gifts. See some of them below.

 Shop By Price

Each category now has price filters so you can set your spending limits!

Category Filters

We have now included a search filter, so you can select more than 1 category to filter gifts from. And you can combine the category filter with the price filter for a more custom search.


Thank  You For Your Continued Support

Without all our amazing customers we would have had the ability to grown and keep improving DadShop. So we thank you for your continued support and please send us your feedback on our new website by visiting our contacts page. We hope to bring you more great gift ideas in the near future.

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