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Why Teaching Toddlers to Share Is Important

It is often difficult to get toddlers to understand why they should share. They look at each item as a hard earned prize and cannot see giving it away easily. In the beginning most

Coping With Sibling Rivalry Daily

Sibling rivalry can be a big test for the stay at home dad to deal with. This rivalry can be quite competitive as siblings compete for their parent’s attention, but it is normal and

7 Things You Can Do To Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

View 10 photos of cute babies! I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve just sat down with my best friend’s baby and capturing moments are so important. From the moment they are born, till they

10 Things Good Parents Should Try & Do For Their Kids

When you were growing up did you wish your parents showed you more affection or spent more time with you? But did you notice when they always remember your birthday or always made sure

How Can Dads Be Good Role Models For Their Kids?

It may not be uncommon to read about the job description of dads that  have multi-functional roles of being a cab driver, teacher, cook and wrestling coach, to name a few. His role as

13 Tips For A Better Kids Birthday Party For Parents

Planning a birthday party for kids is not like planning a birthday party for a friend. There many aspects to plan and execute a children’s birthday party and I certainly hope the following birthday

10 Easy Ways You Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

When your family gets larger and your lifestyle becomes to much to handle you might want to ask yourself how can I spend more quality time with my family? Because it is not how

6 Great First Pets For Your Children

As your children grow and start experiencing things for the first time, what better way to share these experiences than with the family pet?  They say dogs are man’s best friend, but there are