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7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Winter

Ahh winter, the best season of the year… I’m just kidding! Winter is not pleasant no matter how you look at it. From getting the flu, sneezing, freezing mornings, icy winds, cold chap lips,

10 Essentials To Share With Your Children Concerning Becoming Entrepreneurs

Is there a business owner in existence that does not dream of comparable success as an entrepreneur for their kids, perhaps the possibility of them assuming the family business in time, or at least

How Can Dads Be Good Role Models For Their Kids?

It may not be uncommon to read about the job description of dads that  have multi-functional roles of being a cab driver, teacher, cook and wrestling coach, to name a few. His role as

13 Tips For A Better Kids Birthday Party For Parents

Planning a birthday party for kids is not like planning a birthday party for a friend. There many aspects to plan and execute a children’s birthday party and I certainly hope the following birthday

Birds & The Bees: Dad Joke of The Day

It’s about time we posted another dad joke of the day its been a while so we hope this one is as painfully funny or just painful to hear. After all it is a

10 Easy Ways You Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

When your family gets larger and your lifestyle becomes to much to handle you might want to ask yourself how can I spend more quality time with my family? Because it is not how

6 Great First Pets For Your Children

As your children grow and start experiencing things for the first time, what better way to share these experiences than with the family pet?  They say dogs are man’s best friend, but there are

10 Fun Easter Egg Hunting Ideas To Try

Are you tired of the same old Easter Egg hunt? Well I know I am, that’s why we’ve come up with 12 fun Easter egg hunting games you can play with your children. Easter

Dad Joke of The Day 24 Feb

Joke: What is the most non-racist animal on this

Voodoo Doll Boss Review

Update 28/11/2012: The voodoo doll boss and work has now been discontinued if it comes back we will keep you posted. This cute and novelty voodoo doll is a great gift for anyone who wishes to control