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Welcome To DadShop 2.0

As you might have noticed, we’ve just launched version 2 of DadShop. We drank lots of coffee, neglected sleep and lost a few kilos (from the extra stress) just to bring you version 2! And we

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2014!

We wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas & New Year. This year was a huge change for us with the coming of a new team member, Zachary. There was so much change around the

Australia Post New Email Scam Warning

Have you been a victim of a scam? Well as you may already seen, there are countless email scams everyday. I get about 50 email scams a week telling me I’ve won the lottery

Why Teaching Toddlers to Share Is Important

It is often difficult to get toddlers to understand why they should share. They look at each item as a hard earned prize and cannot see giving it away easily. In the beginning most

Thirsty Anyone? Thirst Extinguisher at St Kilda Festival

Just a few weeks ago we donated a few Thirst Extinguishers to the Fire Foundation in for the St Kilda Festival in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to get three Melbourne Storm players to

Coping With Sibling Rivalry Daily

Sibling rivalry can be a big test for the stay at home dad to deal with. This rivalry can be quite competitive as siblings compete for their parent’s attention, but it is normal and

7 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that just over a couple million people in Australia suffer from high blood pressure, a disease that offers little warning, which has earned it the nickname “silent

7 Things You Can Do To Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

View 10 photos of cute babies! I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve just sat down with my best friend’s baby and capturing moments are so important. From the moment they are born, till they

7 Ways to Enjoy a Fancy Dress Party with Your Kids

For kids, there is nothing more exciting than being invited to a fancy dress party. They love to dress up and attend these celebrations, which are usually held at pre-schools and school yards. If

10 Things Good Parents Should Try & Do For Their Kids

When you were growing up did you wish your parents showed you more affection or spent more time with you? But did you notice when they always remember your birthday or always made sure