7 Ways to Enjoy a Fancy Dress Party with Your Kids

For kids, there is nothing more exciting than being invited to a fancy dress party. They love to dress up and attend these celebrations, which are usually held at pre-schools and schoolyards. If you plan on throwing a fancy dress party on your child’s next birthday, there are lots of possibilities, which you can consider. There are, also, some things that you can keep in mind so kids and parents will have an unforgettable experience.

  1. Decide on the type of fancy dress party your kid wants to have

    You can have a “come as you like” party, so your kid’s guests and their mums can use their creativity and imagination so they can show up in their own costumes. On the other hand, a “themed” party will be much better. Here, you custom design your invites, party favours, decorations and decide on the food, based on the theme. In addition to this, it will be easier for mums to find a costume for their little ones.

  2. Consider The Theme – Popular Trends, TV, Musicals or Movies

    You could pick a simple coloured theme however, it would be more exciting to go with a theme that is popular with today’s kids, like a princess or an anime character or a movie theme (Ben10, Toy Story, Cars to name a few). There is a wide range of party themes to choose from so you will never run out of ideas. Though your kid may prefer a particular theme, there are many others that can leave him/her with being fickle-minded.

    Here are some party theme ideas

    • Fairy – Little girls can be dressed in their tutus and boys, in their winged costumes.
    • Princess – For an ‘all-girls’ party, there are dresses with glitters, tiaras and much more.
    • Harry Potter – Kids can come as dragons, witches, wizards or as Hogwarts students.
    • Superhero – There are lots of superheroes to pick from and the more fancy a costume, the better it is.
    • Garden – Kids can be dressed as butterflies, bees or flowers.
    • Sea creatures – They can show up in mermaid o mermen costumes.
    • Pirates – Different pirate costumes, with skulls and crossbones, will abound in the area.
    • Letter – Kids can dress up in anything that starts with the themed letter.
    • Colour – You can choose a particular colour and kids can select a costume based on this.Design your invitations based on the party theme
  3. The Invites

    The invites that imply the theme are cute to keep as a memento. You can either purchase these online but for a more memorable and personalized invite, you could make your own. Keep it simple and to make it more fun, try and get your kids involved!

  4. Send invites ahead of time

    Fancy dress parties need preparation. Give mums and their kids enough time to look for a costume. If you want kids to stand out give them plenty of time to find or make their own costumes.

  5. Extend the concept in the food

    For more fun, you can prepare the food with the theme in mind. You can serve jelly boats for pirates and flower cupcakes for a garden party. You could also get napkins, plates or cups that suit your theme either by colour or design.

  6. Prepare theme-inspired party favours and decorations

    Stick to the theme when you choose party favours and decorations. You try looking for theme stickers online or at your local shop. If you can’t find what you want you could try custom sticking printing however the can be expensive.

  7. Prepare extra costumes

    If ever kids show up without one, instead of feeling out-of-place, he can enjoy if you have a spare costume.

  8. BONUS – A Picture is With A Thousand Words

    Don’t forget to get your cameras / video cameras ready. You don’t want to miss out on the fun so you could give disposable cameras to all mothers or ask them to bring their own cameras. Once the party is over, get all the photos from all the mothers and you can create a photo album of the party.

Remember the most important part of hosting a fancy dress party is not just the theme, food, stickers and costumes. It’s the fun and memories that the children will have. So try to make sure they have fun and that you enjoy yourself too.

We wish you all the best at your fancy dress party and hope that this article gives you some inspiration and advise.



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