7 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that just over a couple million people in Australia suffer from high blood pressure, a disease that offers a little warning, which has earned it the nickname “silent killer” and strikes people of all ages.

The problem has reached such proportions government agencies have begun attempting to eliminate salt from our diet because excessive amounts of salt make your blood retain more water and this increases your blood pressure. Once this occurs the individual is at an increased risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, heart attack or even stroke.

However, salt alone is not the problem. The volume of your blood can also be enhanced by eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, smoking tobacco and drinking too much alcohol. Unfortunately, the results can be quick and devastating and leave you not knowing what hit you.

However, there is promising news amongst this dread: Beyond restraint, there are other ways to avoid high blood pressure problems. By following our expert recommendations you can discover your ultimate – and ultimately enjoyable – way to release pressure.

  1. Visit The Nearby Candy Shop

    It has been suggested that blood pressure can be reduced by simply enjoying some dark chocolate on a daily basis. An Italian research study conducted in 2008 tested individuals that were afflicted with early diabetes and elevated blood pressure by providing them with dark chocolate, about 3.5 ounces per day over a two week period. The results were quite positive as the Systolic BP (top number) was reduced by an average of 4.5 pts and the diastolic (bottom number) an average of nearly 4.2 pts, and all due to the antioxidants that reside in this candy. With that type of improvement, one could expect to reduce their heart issues over a 5 year period by some 20%.

    In order for this to work through the right chocolate must be consumed. Most chocolates contain excessive sugar and less antioxidant and could reduce the beneficial results offered by dark chocolate. The dark chocolate you consume should obtain a cacao minimum of at least 65%.

  2. Increase Sexual Activity

    If you can have sex at least twice a week you can get that blood pumping. The New England Research Institute concluded that men who could accomplish this task had a 65% better chance of not ending up with heart disease than the unfortunate men who enjoy sexual activity once every 4 weeks on average. A University of Paisley, Scotland research study conducted in 2006 suggested those people who enjoyed sex at least once every two weeks could reduce their blood elevation than the ones who had no sex at all and to top it off the blood vessels could handle stress better.

    However, self-stimulation will not add benefits. Many researchers are at this moment trying to determine why intercourse offers more benefits than other sexual activities, it has been suggested that it could be related to intimacy. The hormone that is believed to reduce stress during intimacy is called Oxytocin, and the majority appears to be released during an intercourse orgasm. Other sexual activities do not normally entail as much intimacy, which might conclude why less Oxytocin is released. In addition, every 30 minutes of sex can lead to 60 calories being burned, making sex a beneficial workout period. You can increase that amount by simply enjoying your sex more vigorously.

  3. Enjoy Invigorating Music

    Loosen up those arteries by listening to music. Another study conducted in Italy in 2008 stated that systolic blood pressure could be reduced over a 3 month period by around 4 points if the music was enjoyed with exercises in breathing at least a half-hour per day. It is believed that vessels can be relaxed if an individual’s practised a 1 to 2 ratio of inhale/exhale breathing regiments.

    The music you listen to is important. It appears that vessels were 26% more dilated when people listened to their favourite music, whatever it was, as long as they breathed steadily and relaxed. Those who listened to music they did not enjoy only enjoyed a 6% reduction. This shows that the kind of music you listen to can make all the difference.

  4. Video Games Here We Come

    You would naturally assume that the stimulation received from emptying thousands of bullets into a space creature on your video game should serve as a stress reducer and therefore reduce blood elevation. Wrong, the only way that video game is going to help is if you are up on your feet and engaged. The American Heart Association did conclude that video consoles like Wii Fit Plus or even the Wii Sports Resort were justifiable options to be active.

    Engaging in specific Wii games that are motion driven, like jogging or boxing, can be as rewarding as being in the gym, but you must engage with good intensity for at least 2 and a half hours per week. A 2 to 5 point drop in systolic blood pressure can be enjoyed. If you play Wii fit there are a few activities that will deliver that half-hour per day of intense activity.

  5. Drink Up

    A Danish study conducted on 75,000 men concluded that men who enjoyed a few drinks every day were at a 31% lower risk of acquiring coronary disease of the heart. The reason for this is due to the fact that alcohol, when enjoyed modestly, can lead to larger arteries, therefore reducing your elevated blood pressure.

    However, two drinks are quite sufficient, excessive drinking will cause the pressure to rise. This has left scientists baffled, however, Dr Zusman suggests this might be relevant to the fact that alcohol can offer less than positive results on various other pathways for blood pressure. It is recommended that you only consume a few beers of 12-ounce size (355ml), no more than 10 ounces (296ml) of wine and only 3 ounces (89ml) of liquor.

  6. Increase Laughter

    Laughing is good for your arteries in any form. A Maryland University study conducted in 2006 suggested that enjoying a good comedy and laughing could lead to 22% blood vessel dilation. When you laugh blood vessels expand enhancing the blood flow and causing your blood pressure to come down. These results are quite similar to those ones might enjoy during aerobic exercises, however, without the soreness.

    It is suggested that in order to benefit from laughing you must do so for at least 15 minutes every day. You cannot simply induce unnatural laughter, in order to benefit blood pressure, the laughs must be genuine. Therefore if online humour does not cause you to burst into laughter you may find it by simply looking over your yearbook from high school.

  7. Reduce Salt Consumption

    A 2008 clinical research conducted by Dr Paul Conlin and listed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition associated the consumption of salt with enhanced levels of blood pressure. This can easily be managed by simply consuming little or no salt in your food, or by purchasing food items that are low in sodium. By utilizing salt substitutes, a variety of spices and herbs, vinegar or lemon juice for extra flavour, one can enjoy their food without the sodium.

So there you have it, 7 easy tips that could help lower your blood pressure. If you can’t do all 7 of these then why not start with just one?


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