7 Things You Can Do To Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

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I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve just sat down with my best friend’s baby and capturing moments are so important. From the moment they are born, till they arrive home for the first time, first steps, first birthdays, you name it, every part of your journey together with your baby is precious. So here are seven quick tips to ready yourself for these moments.

  1. Get Yourself A Decent Digital Camera

    Capturing your baby’s first moments necessitates having a sufficient camera on hand. This is not to suggest that an extremely expensive camera should be purchased, and it should be known that the camera does not need to be professional, because in the end quality has much to do with the one taking the picture. With a digital camera, you can also take videos so you don’t need to waste money on both. You can also print your own pictures quickly and with many online photo printing sites, you can turn your photo into canvas prints which makes your photos look like paintings. The only thing you need to keep in mind is if you want a compact digital camera or a digital SLR which in my opinion takes the best photos however you are looking for a much higher price range. Many compact digital cameras these days start from around $300 and you can pick up a pretty decent one at that price so unless you are a photo buff like myself stick with the lower-priced ones.

  2. Get Yourself A Smart Phone

    There are many smartphones that provide effective video and camera options. If your phone is always with you like mine is, take advantage of those options. By the time you locate the camera, you might miss a special moment. Some smartphones with Full HD video recording (4K if possible) which is extremely high quality for such a small device. If you are thinking of investing money in a decent video camera think about investing your money in the best smartphone instead as you might find yourself with a great video recording device and a great phone.

  3. Making A Baby Book

    Track your baby’s most precious moments by creating a baby book. Although it may prove difficult to create the time to make precious entries immediately, magical memories will be created regardless of how much is filled in. You can easily create your own baby book using software and some online photo printing tools including a baby book printing service where you can design and create your own book. Or you can do it the good old fashion way and buy a nice scrapbook and fill it in with your photos, stickers and messages.

  4. Keep A Baby Journal or Blog

    I believe this idea is a great way to create memories of your baby’s firsts of everything, and it is an option I will pursue with vigour. If you enjoy writing things down, although you may not be able to do so consistently, this is an exceptional option to consider. The things you write about your baby will one day allow your child to connect with the way you were thinking as a parent at that time of your life. Some parents are even keeping a blog about their baby. So if your internet savoy you can try creating a blog over at WordPress and start blogging your journal.

  5. Create A Memory Chest

    The memory chest is a great suggestion as well. You can store many things here including cards from various holidays, their favourite rattle, a tooth they had lost, hair from their first haircut, or any other item you believe will be of interest. This could also include letters they have written over time and any other items that mark a baby’s first. One day your baby will grow up and appreciate the exceptional gift of reviewing all the things you had saved. It can make a great gift to your child maybe on their 18th birthday or when they get married.

  6. A Calendar With Important Dates

    A calendar with important dates is awesome to record all of your babies special moments. It could be hung on your baby’s wall where it would be easy to fill out at a moment’s notice. When your child takes that first step mark it on the calendar or perhaps jot down their first appointments with doctors, sleepovers with friends and family, and other significant dates at the time.

  7. Cheap Professional Photos

    Most people are so excited about their new baby that they go all out and pay for expensive photo shoots. Well if you have the money then why not but not everyone has that within their budget. So here’s how you can get cheap professional photos of your baby. Firstly check your local shopping mall to see if there are any specials that are being run by photographers. If not then try looking for a non-professional photographer usually university students or part-time photographers. Now you can always strike up a bargain with a non-professional and I guarantee you if you see their portfolio first and you are happy with their previous photos you’ll get a bunch of professional photos for a fraction of the costs.

    Keep in mind professional photo studios might be cheap to take photos however they charge you an arm and a leg to print the photos that is where they make their money. So look around and shop for a bargain, nothing beats a beautiful photo of your baby especially if you can’t take it yourself.

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