6 Great First Pets For Your Children

As your children grow and start experiencing things for the first time, what better way to share these experiences than with the family pet?  They say dogs are man’s best friend, but there are a few other pets out there that can also be your child’s best friend.


Dogs are usually the first choice as a family pet because dogs are just so cute, adorable and loyal. However, among all creatures on God’s green earth, dogs need the most care. Even the most dog-loving kid can, unintentionally, break promises like walking and feeding it. Furthermore, be careful when it comes to bites. You should not leave both pet and a young child alone because some dogs might think that a little nibble on your finger and toes is a form of affection, however to a baby it could mean injury.


It is difficult to find the best pet for your child so a goldfish is just another great example for a first pet. Keeping a goldfish is a lot harder than you think. It is important to have enough spare time because you will need to clean the fishbowl and replace its water often. Unless you have a fish tank which means a lot of other things you have to fiddle with.

A goldfish requires a lot of maintenance because if you don’t clean often they can start swimming around in their own litter, spit out food and immerse themselves in germs. It’s a good idea to get a goldfish for an older child or when your child can handle responsibilities well. The goldfish is a great first pet as they can live for several years without any heater of filters.

Remember: The fastest way to shorten the existence of your goldfish is by overfeeding or giving it the wrong foods.


Nothing can compare to the comfort given by a warm, fluffy body and reassuring purr. Cats are great for kids who love to take care of pets even if these are aloof. Cats tend to be more popular with girls, though but are quite favoured among boys.

Bear in mind when you want a cat as a pet you should test drive one by bringing it home for a few days. You should try to determine if your child is allergic to cats before you go ahead and purchase one. However, 30% of people who are allergic to cats purchased ended up getting them as pets when they grew older.


Birds are great pets and are highly suitable for kids who are animal enthusiasts. Though they are energetic and friendly and require a lot of patience and time to train.

If your kid needs your attention most of the time and you can’t stand disorderliness, not all birds will suit you. Since personality varies with species, you should choose temperament rather than colour. Birds live long, so be ready for commitment.

Hamster or Gerbil

These little critters are small, furry, harmless and smart. They just need a little care, which is perfect for any small child. They are a great substitute for a dog or cat. Since these pocket pets are nocturnal and sleep during the day, they can fit in homes where no one is home during this time.

Remember: You can be annoyed with the ammonia-like smells of its cage is not regularly changed, can give off a horrible stench if you forget to clean it.

Ant Farm

The ant farm is a great educational pet as it can teach your child a lot about the insect kingdom. They are ideal for 5 to 8-year-old boys who are fond of insects. They are, likewise, suitable for kids who have a keen interest in science.

Remember: They can escape when you leave their feeding port open. So your child needs to have a good sense of responsibility. They are quite low maintenance and provide great entertainment even for adults!