13 Tips For A Better Kids Birthday Party For Parents

Planning a birthday party for kids is not like planning a birthday party for a friend. There many aspects to plan and execute a children’s birthday party and I certainly hope the following birthday party ideas will help you in planning for the big celebration. It is a very special day in your child’s life and he/she deserves the very best!

  1. Using Balloons

    Tie a bunch of balloons outside your home, like on the mailbox. Some parents do this so that guests can, easily, find their homes. You could also place many balloons at the entrance to your home to make your entrance a little more interesting. Let your child take part in the planning by letting them choose the balloon colors. He/she would be delighted to help you.

  2. Separate Pets & Animals

    Place your pets in a separate area, away from the party scene. This will protect both your pets and kids from untoward incidents that may ruin the party. These may include dog bites or injuries plus a possible lawsuit.

  3. Party Planning Together

    Include the whole family in planning the party. Other kids in the family may feel left out since it is not their birthday. Giving assignments can make them feel important, too. The eldest child may be in charge of taking pictures. Another child can introduce the entertainer. One of the siblings may accept the presents. Still, another can prepare the invitations or distribute the drinks and food.

  4. Simply & Easy To Prepare Foods

    Prepare practical foods that are that kids love to eat. Pizza, hotdogs and apple juice are hard to resist. For an outdoor party, you can have a table display of ingredients to make an ice cream sundae. Kids will have fun making these. Especially the parents when there’s a huge mess to clean later!

  5. Exciting Games

    The games are the heart of the party. A nice one would be to dress the kids in loose clothes, which are filled with balloons, and make them compete in a relay. It would be a chance to take pictures. You could give out a present to everyone for doing well in the game. This will make it more memorable for all kids. Another small effective form of entertainment is to turn on the sprinklers and get the kids to run through them. You can put this at the entrance so the kids get a little excitement as they enter.

  6. Preparing Your Child For The Party

    Shower your child with extra love and attention during his/her special day. You can let your kid(s) feel special by letting him welcome guests upon their arrival.

  7. Hire an Entertainer and Give Your Guest a Great Show

    A great entertainer can make a difference at a party. Finding one these days is a lot easier through the internet. Most professionals have their own websites and you should check reviews to choose the best one. It’s highly recommended that you allocate a budget so you don’t outspend yourself. Make sure that kids watch the show. To stay focused on the show, they should not carry anything that would destruct them and the performer, as well. You can give a tip to the entertainer for a fun-filled show.

  8. Send Out Thank You Notes

    Once your party is over send your guest pictures of them with the birthday child. It’s a great way for them to remember your party and also a great way to be invited to their birthday parties.

  9. Be Ready With A Back-Up plan when planning an outdoor party.

    You should be prepared In case of unexpected weather conditions. If the weather predictions look gloomy or a chance of showers, see if you can move your outdoor party to an indoor venue.

  10. Prepare a Large Box For Presents

    You will need a large box so visitors to your party can place their gifts. Let your kid design the box to show his or her creativity. It’s a great way for them to feel like they contributed to the preparation of the party.

  11. Plan The Activities For Your Party

    You really need to plan all your activities and schedule them right down the minute. If you have a show then start the party with the show followed by food and drinks. Allow some rest time after the meal. Then continue the party with games, followed by present openings and cake. You can decide on how you want your party scheduled.

  12. Photos & Videos

    A party would not be complete without photos. If you have a video camera get it ready!

  13. Recognition Hugs

    When the party is over, give your child a hug, show him / her your thanks for helping with the party and making it a huge success.

So now you have a few decent tips to help you plan a great birthday party for your kids, we hope you’ll put them into practice. After all, birthdays are all about memories so snap away and good luck with your planning.