10 Things Good Parents Should Try & Do For Their Kids

When you were growing up did you wish your parents showed you more affection or spent more time with you? But did you notice when they always remember your birthday or always made sure you had enough food to eat? Not all parents can be perfect and not all parents show affection the way you wished they would but I’m sure there were many things they did that made them a good parent. I hope this list can help you out. You can start by doing 1 of 10 and then go from there, good luck!

    A little love goes a long way. The ability to let our small children or teenagers know how much they mean to us by hugging them and letting them know we love them is an amazingly good first step to being a successful parent.
    Good parenting can be attributed to your ability to listen. If our children are anything alike, she has no shortage of points they want to express. Our busy lives do not allow me to always make time to listen to everything, but I do attempt to create time every day to listen without any distractions. I just let her ramble on in great detail talking about issues with friends, her favourite celebrity, various ideas, her beach house wishes, and anything else that might be on her mind, and I give her my full attention.
    Part of your journey to becoming an effective parent requires you to put your foot down with a “no” making you the bad person at one point or another. Your kids have to have rules & regulations to follow and the know-how you expect them to behave. Setting a specific time for bed or certain times to be home, assigning chores, and teaching basic manners are vital attributes that will be essential when they reach adulthood.
    You don’t need to constantly criticize your kids to show sound parenting. Your children should also hear when they are doing things well, not just when things are done wrong. They should be provided with positive support as the day goes by with a simple, “Nice job” or “That was good thinking!”
    It is not easy to be consistent! However, this is an essential point to be good parenting. If it was your intention to set a certain bedtime for your child to extend some quiet time with your soul mate then stick to your guns. Your child will resist and try to bend the rule. Be consistent don’t give in. When your child knows you are serious they will accept the rule and stop fighting it.
    Your career, the house, and social life are time dependant. However, making time to be involved with your child is an essential part of good parenting. Stay involved in their classroom progression. Take the time to do your part at scout activities or provide the team refreshments at a soccer game.
    You might recall being told in science class that an action leads to an equal reaction and an opposite one. This is not false! The fact is our children will not listen to everything we have to say. Although you are tempted to provide a variety of warnings and well-intended advice, it is often best to simply set back and allow natural progression to take place. By doing so your child will learn valuable lessons such as bossing around your friends leads to no friends. The experience will tell remind her to treat her next friend better.
    Creating quality memories with your children ranks right up there with listening as an important parenting step. Make the time to play in the park or the local library. Share some reading time or visit a museum you can enjoy together. These quality memories don’t need to cost a thing. Connecting with your child is more relative to simply spend quality time together.
    Kids require good role models to follow. When you live by example by abiding by similar rules, making intelligent decisions, and pursuing a lifestyle that is healthy by nature, you can be the role model your child needs.No one said parenting is easy, but one can only hope that the 9 parenting suggestions mentioned here will suffice as a working guide. Provide me with some things you are doing in order to provide good parenting skills for your kid. Can you share some of those tips with us?
    These are only goals worth pursuing and not all can be accomplished in a day’s time. Therefore, reduce your stress level and do what you can. You don’t have to be perfect by with 10/10 you just have started, and never give up on your kids that itself is being a perfect parent.