10 Fun Easter Egg Hunting Ideas To Try

Are you tired of the same old Easter Egg hunt? Well I know I am, that’s why we’ve come up with 12 fun Easter egg hunting games you can play with your children. Easter egg hunts are about being unique and creative. Once you have mastered these 10 egg hunting games you should have enough experience to make your own!

  1. The Odd or Even Egg Hunt
    For this game to work you should write down ODD and EVEN numbers on each Easter egg. Pick as many as you like! Then assign each child to find an ODD or EVEN number egg.
  2. Hunting By Colour
    This is great if you have 10 or more kids in your hunting exercise. Create as many groups as you like and assign each group to colour. And tell them if they find someone else’s colour they can decide to tell the other group or keep quiet. And the group to find all their eggs first wins a special prize.
  3. Treasure Egg Hunt
    For this, you can use plastic eggs and hide notes inside these eggs. These notes are hidden clues to finding the next egg. And to make things more unique you can create a pirate’s theme to look for treasure.
  4. Lucky Draw Egg Hunt
    Use plastic eggs to hide small toys, keyrings, stickers, candy, etc. Hidden inside these eggs are little chocolate Easter eggs with numbers on them. Each number can be then used as a lucky draw at the end. Write down all the numbers you have used on small pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Once the hunt is over, ask the kids to keep the little pieces of paper they find. Pick the winning number out of the hat!
  5. String-Along Easter Egg Hunt
    Setup 5 – 10 small or tiny baskets with Easter eggs inside. Then use a different coloured string and tie them together one by one. Loop them around the stairs, bookshelf, tables, TV, and as many different places in your home you can think off. Once ready, the kids will have to follow 1 string to the next.
  6. The Maths Egg Hunt
    Hide a piece of paper inside each plastic egg along with some candy. Each plastic egg should contain a number between 1 and 7. Limit each child to select a certain number of eggs. Once the hunt is over, open the eggs and count the numbers inside them. Whoever gets the highest number of totalled wins a special prize. Makes sure you put some candy and chocolate inside each egg so everyone wins something.
  7. Your Name Here Egg Hunt
    Write down each kids name on as many Easter eggs as you like. Then hide them, tell each kid to only find eggs with their names on them.
  8. The Magic Number Egg Hunt
    This game is intended for a larger group. What you need to do is have a checklist of all the colours you have going to use. Then assign a number to each egg between 1 and 5. Tell each group that different colours have different values. So they will have to work together to pick the right colour. The goal is to pick just the right colours so when you add these numbers together you should get a total that is close to the magic number. For example, if the Magic Number is 25, then all the numbers need to total 25 or the closest is the winner.
  9. Hunting In The Dark
    This can be fun for adults too! All you do is hide the Eggs, then turn off all the lights. Give each group a flashlight and let the hunting begin!
  10. Choose Your Own Adventure Egg Hunt
    Remember the books “Choose your own adventure” where you can pick how the story goes? Well, how about doing something similar with an Easter Egg hunt? Use plastic eggs and place chocolates, candy and all the goodies you can think off inside. Now write special notes for each egg. These notes are specific instructions that you can use once in your possession. For example, you can write, ‘Pick 3 pieces of candy from anyone’ or ‘Swap all your candy and chocolate with someone else’ or ‘give mum a big hug’ or ‘ask anyone to share 1 piece of candy with dad.’ Just anything you can think of to make things a little more interesting.

Well, there you have it, your very own Easter Egg Hunting guide. I hope this brings much joy to you and your family this Easter. From everyone at DadShop, have a safe and happy Easter!


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