10 Easy Ways You Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

When your family gets larger and your lifestyle becomes too much to handle you might want to ask yourself how can I spend more quality time with my family? Because it is not how much time you all spend together it also how much quality time you are spending with one another. So here are a few helpful tips to kick start the quality over quantity time you spend together.

The Busy Family

As the new school year begins you wonder if you can do it all again. At the break of dawn you fix their lunch, then deal with carpooling and office calls, stop at lights to put on make-up, provide homework assistance, speed for lessons on the piano, only to finally get home, put the kids down for the night, and awake to a non-stop weekend of soccer events, the latest can’t miss a birthday party, and finally hockey preps.

A discussion with your children can limit so many activities. This hectic living can present huge perils and has led many parents to reconsider the costs. The complete opposite of economic issues is the shortage of time and although adults are affected, children become the largest victims.

Reduce Children’s Activities

Don’t over-schedule yourself. Reduce your children’s activity after school and that’s it. This could prove more difficult for moms and dads than for the children to accept. Learning the piano is a good thing and your son loves hockey so what are you supposed to do?

Look at it from this point of view: Decision making is a skill parents need to teach their children. These activities are great for skill-building, let’s kids know what they are capable of, but family bonding allows them to get a sense of themselves. Try this angle: “Something has got to give the hockey or the piano to obtain mental relaxation and breathing space.”

Set Limitations For Yourself

Parents have limits too. Typically, you may get one night a week just for you and that is it. Therefore, as a mother, you might get to join a book club or take a yoga class. Father is participating at squash. To put it mildly, you can’t be out and with your children at the same time. Those fabled moments that bring about bonding like stories at bedtime, hugs by the fireplace or watching a TV program you all enjoy, cease to be possible if the parents keep the front door revolving.

P.S. Parents: A true night out on a date is excluded from this perception. Romance must be rewarded by one on one time for mom and dad once in a while.

Eliminate Television

If you are not going to eliminate the TV, reducing it would help. No television at mealtime will help your family to bond, asking questions even help with discussions at the table. As expected this introduces more bonding discussions and fewer distractions. A family movie night is a splendid way for families to bond and relax, however, the meal table is no place for such background distraction and only enhances the stress level. You might try this: Eliminate television from Monday to Thursday, thus allowing proper time for other important activities such as discussion, doing homework, valuable reading time, or simply some playtime.

No Distractions When The Family Is Out

When you go out to dinner and you see kids playing on their iPhones or iPads, it makes you cringe sometimes. Why do families go out for dinner only to be alone in their own thoughts? When you go out with your family, try to set a good example, don’t use your phone and prevent your children from doing the same. With so much technology these days you can find that you are all together but your kids are somewhere else. That’s not spending quality time with your kids. Tip: Sometimes kids get angry or just want to play games so you can reward them if they don’t get distracted during dinners out when you are all together by letting them play with their iPads on in the car but once they are out to take the iPad away.

Sunday Brunch

A Sunday brunch for the bunch is great for bonding. You should try to dedicated every Sunday as family lunch day because your kids might have a social life on Friday night and Saturdays. So on Sunday everyone gets together and eat, rest and play.

Establishing the Reading Tree

Plant a reading tree so to speak. The writers of many activity books, Ruth and Steve Bennett are parents who came up with this wonderful idea. Pick a tree from your neighbourhood park or even in the yard behind your home and make it your reading tree. This can buy your storytime location where you can take a blanket and a book on a regular basis. There is no better opportunity to enjoy the rainbow colours of fall or the warmth associated with an Indian summer night breeze.

Do Your Own Picking

Take the family to pick apples as a group (or the veggie or fruit of choice)! This is a good alternative when you have children of various ages who do not share the same game skills or the ability to choose the same move to watch. The fall season can be savoured as a family because apple picking or carrot pulling is a skill all families can share.

Get Some Sleep

We are not joking: Find time to sleep. At the very least, lights should be out by 11pm. You will feel relaxed when you get the rest you need for sure. Those bills will wait until the following morning and you can catch up on missed news from the previous night on the radio.

TGIF The Night of Family Fun

This can be compared to the family Sunday brunch. The best time to focus on family is on Friday, which is also the final dreaded day of the work or school week. There are those who will spend Friday’s fighting for a seat at their favourite restaurant, or getting lost in a takeout pizza. Instead, allow your children to alternate opportunities to set the schedule on Friday nights including movie nights, board games or even scavenger hunts. The activity is less important than the fact that it should be remembered home is far more than a castle. The 21st century has taught us that our fortress offers protection elite for our family from a hectic world that exists 24/7.

Spending quality time with your kids is very important especially while they are younger because once they get into the teenage years they will have a social life and if you don’t have any weekly family traditions like Sunday Brunch you can find your kids going out all the time.


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